Dr. Raymond Greenlaw's
Scuba Diving Fees

Raymond is an active insured PADI Dive Insstructor. He is interested in working as a Dive Instructor/Master to assist an organization, resort, or group. Raymond is also available to make presentations and has given over 250 invited talks throughout the world. He is willing to work on a cruise ship.

Raymond's basic requirements are travel costs (usually to and from Thailand), room and board, and a token salary. Depending on the location and duration of the job, Raymond may not require any salary at all. He will be more than happy to discuss any possible opportunity. The best way to reach Raymond is via email: raymond(period)greenlaw(at)gmail(period)com. In the case that multiple Dive Masters or Instructors are required, Raymond has friends who would be willing to assist. Raymond can also make all travel arrangments for groups. He specializes in doing that for diving in Thailand, and for that service additional charges may apply.